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Don't forget me when I fall

Kaoru x Toshiya
Things get tough in Kaoru and Toshiya's relationship, will they be able to fix it in time or will Toshiya's illness ruin everyhting, forever?

Pairings: Kaoru x Toshiya, Die x Shinya
Genre: Romance, angst

Rating: PG 13

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NYAPPY Acdemy: continued again...

Miku x Bou
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NYAPPY Academy: continued (again ;;) ((I'm sorry- my journal wouldn't allow me to post this onto the last one .__.))
Pairings: ect.
Genre: Comedy, angst, erotica, romance
rating: nc-17

NYAPPY Academy continued...

Miku x Bou
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NYAPPY Academy: Continued^^.
Pairings: Maya x Aiji x Teru, Reituki, Aoiha, Miku x Bou, Kanon x Kai, Die x Shinya, Mana x Kozi, Miyavi x Hizaki x Kamijo/
Genre: Comedy, erotica, angst, romance,
Rating: nc-17

The GazettE- Frankenstein style

The GazettE

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Suzuki Akira had everything: A hot boyfriend, a loyal friend and a bright future in the scientific world ahead of him- or so he thought.

Genre: Romance, Horror, Comedy
Pairings: Aoiha, Reituki
Rating: nc-17

Teruki's Date.

An Cafe
Teruki grinned before looking down to his phone and smiling wider againCollapse )

The other members of An Cafe notice that their drummer's been acting a little strange lately and maybe a little too happy....

Pairings: Teruki x Takuya
Genre: Fluff/romance
Rating: PG 13


NYAPPY Academy

Miku x Bou
Imagine if you went to college with An Cafe, Dir en grey, VERSAILLES, The GazettE and had X Japan and LUNA SEA as teachers..

Pairings: Miku x Bou, Aoiha, Reituki, Kanon x Kai, Miyavi x Hizaki x Kamijo, Inoran x Yuki, Die x Shinya, Maya x Aiji x Teru, etc.
Genre: Comedy, Erotica, Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating: nc-17
Chapters: 1-7 (there are more. scroll up^^)

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